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Free poker game (Texas Hold'em)

Most of the PC card games you play are probably limited to the Solitaire, Hearts of FreeCell that come bundled with Windows, so why not spice it up by playing some poker with PokerTH instead?PokerTH makes it really easy. This virtual card game...
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  • by Anonymous

    Great, low resource, open source, poker play online or vs. computer. I like PokerTH. It has come a long way, and gets better with each new release. Designed primarily for Linux, and compiled to Windows and Mac after the fact, it is still fast, low resource, and nice. My only complaint is mac universal keyboard shortcuts are not observed, like cmd-W and cmd-Q.

  • by Anonymous

    One of the Two best Free Poker Games out there.... I have been watching PokerTH since version .3, and it has come a long way. It features single computer play, network play, and online play. I tested version .7.1 for days on windows and Linux. The computer opponents are moderately tough, but if you learn to bet according to their style of play I can win about 75% of the games. Network play experiMore

  • by Anonymous

    In local play, many time's wrong winner. 2 pairs beat full house. I don't play on line and never with money with this game because there are many folds in it. Many time's one pair is winner over the full house and that is not correct. I don't know how it is on-line because i don't want too risc it !